Join our Kickstarter campaign to choose your Membership plan and gain special perks ›

Join our Kickstarter campaign to choose your Membership plan and gain special perks ›


In Solomon we believe in the media as a tool for social change. International, non-governmental foundations have believed in our vision and have supported us to do ethical and inclusive reporting. Their support has been critical for our operation so far. However, this support has not compromised our independence or our content in any way. Solomon remains accountable to you, our readers. Explore our interactive graphs, where we are presenting below our financial data for each and every year that we have been on air.

Foundations and Philanthropy grants

  • Adobe
  • Div-A
  • Engaged Journalism Accelerator
  • NOW Association
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Start – Create Cultural Change

Our Production Agency partners

Impact Hub Athens, Liminal, Givmed, Goethe Institut Thessaloniki, NOW Association, Humane, Vivax, Organization Earth, Airbnb, TOMS, The Moving Visuals, Unicef, PEEMPIP, The Language Project, Meet in Athens, Outriders, Desmos, EATA AE, Ashoka, Cultopia, Humanity Crew, SolidarityNOW, Doctors Withour Borders, We Need Books, EKA, Motivo, ActionAid Hellas, ELKE-EKPA, Internews Europe, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

What we achieve with your Membership


Solomon’s independence has been a basic condition for our team’s activities and the production and publication of our content. Your help is needed so we can continue to research and publish stories that matter, while remaining independent of political and economic influences, special interests and advertising.


At Solomon we believe in solidarity and inclusion. The only way to change what affects our shared lives is through mutual respect and understanding. That is why we encourage the participation of socially-excluded and vulnerable groups in our activities and we create a safe environment for dialogue and coexistence.


Our members’ financial contributions support our effort to make Solomon sustainable by ensuring stability and quality of our operations, without dependence on short-term funding from outside sources.