Join our Kickstarter campaign to choose your Membership plan and gain special perks ›

Join our Kickstarter campaign to choose your Membership plan and gain special perks ›


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Join us and become a part of a global community committed to responsible and inclusive journalism.

  • Receive exclusive content and insights from the field
  • Gain access to our members-only Q&A sessions with experts
  • Participate in our editorial meetings – make your voice heard
  • Help a university student discover how media can be a tool for social change

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Important notice: Until November 22nd, 2020 all memberships will be available only through our Kickstarter campaign.


Plan description

Your contribution through this plan will help us cover essential expenses, such as operational costs, renting office space and maintenaing the online platform. Plus, you’ll have exclusive behind-the-scenes access via members-only newsletter written by reporters on the ground. Read stories and insights from our reporters regarding the process of the coverage itself.


Plan description

An Advanced plan membership will allow us to offer fair compensation to our production team. In addition to the benefits of the Basic plan, you’ll participate in online Q&A forums with a broad range of experts from various fields.


Plan description

The Pro plan will allow you to have a more active role at Solomon. This plan includes all the benefits of the Basic and Advanced plans, plus you get to join our editorial meeting on a quarterly basis. What’s more, for every Pro plan contribution, we’ll offer a university student a 3-month Advanced membership for free! Thus, your Pro membership plan will help an eager student who otherwise might not have been able to join.

* If you are a university student interested in joining our membership community but are unable to pay the fee, please contact us. We offer university students the opportunity to join our membership community, cost-free.

Behind-the-scenes access

We know that citizens nowadays tend to distrust the media. This is why we started our own media project. We commit to being accountable to our members and sharing aspects of the investigative process with our community. You will have access to our journalists’ notes via members-only newsletter about the progress of their work, gain insight into the challenges they face while reporting on a story, access unpublished photos and read personal accounts from the production crew.

Q&As with experts

In these especially difficult times when we are experiencing unprecedented global discord, citizens are overwhelmed with too much information. These Q&A discussions will give us the opportunity to step back, pause and reflect on what is happening. With a panel of experts such as academics, reporters, or human rights defenders, we will all participate in monthly online live sessions, where you’ll have the chance to pose a question, make a comment, and offer your opinion in these important discussions.

Inside the Editorial Meeting

Debates, pitching stories, exchanging ideas, offering your own insights − we want to hear your voice and we’re offering you a seat at Solomon’s Editorial Meeting. Get an insider’s view by joining the Publication unit’s editorial meeting four times a year. As a Pro member, you’ll participate in discussions such as updates on the stories that the reporters are following, possible new projects, and insider news.

Gift to a university student

Pro members will also help others in our community. For every Pro membership, we’ll gift a 3-month Advanced membership to a university student who has expressed interest in joining, but due to personal budget restrictions, is unable to become a member.