Join our Kickstarter campaign to choose your Membership plan and gain special perks ›

Join our Kickstarter campaign to choose your Membership plan and gain special perks ›


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Why should I become a Member?

As a member of the Solomon community, you can support our efforts to put forth a new model of independent and inclusive journalism which works towards connecting the issues that matter, and the topics which affect the lives of various communities.

With your contribution, you help us continue to publish stories that our team and our community find important in the struggle to defend human rights.

How much does it cost to become a Member?

The minimum membership amount is €3/month. But beyond that, you can choose the amount you want to give for your monthly membership plan among €3, €6 and €10 or €30, €60 and €100 for the annual plan if you want to get a discount. Any amount you choose for your membership is important to our sustainability, so that we may continue to explore the issues that are important to our community and to improve our content and activities.

How can I update or cancel my Membership?

You may update or cancel your Membership at any time through your membership profile account at Donorbox. A profile will be created for you at Donorbox after you complete your Membership and you will be notified via email.

How is my Membership donation spent?

Your membership covers basic and ‘emergency’ needs − from partner and staff payments to travel costs needed for journalists to research and cover a story, and to the implementation and development of Solomon media labs.

If we haven’t answered your question…

…please contact us at for membership issues or at for general requests and let us know how we can help you with any questions you may have.